Preparing for your pHotoSHoot

Schedule the shoot to accommodate nap times - a sleep-deprived child is not a happy photo subject!

Make sure everyone is well fed. Bring favorite snacks and drinks, especially for younger children. Think about bringing a snack that’s usually a special treat.

Wear whatever makes you feel your best and be comfortable. Fro groups, we prefer a coordinated look....such as, selecting 2-3 colors (ex. all blue/white/khakis ) & varying the textures. Bright colors are also fun and look great in photos. We recommend staying away from extremely busy patterns and clothing with text.

We love cute hats and seasonal clothing and favorite blankie.

Bring a prop or two if you have some in mind - we will be happy to incorporate it into your shoot! It’s not necessary though.

If your child has a favorite stuffed animal, toy, etc, consider bringing it along. We can use it to help the shoot along and keep your child engaged.

Consider bringing an extra change of clothes, especially for young children.

Most importantly, be patient! We realize that kids react differently in new situations. We will do our best to engage them, be silly, sing songs or play games with them to keep them engaged.

We love the studio, but when weather conditions allow, let’s step outside for a few photos too!

We love the studio, but when weather conditions allow, let’s step outside for a few photos too!


Newborn shoots

-Feel free to bring a favorite outfit or two, but the majority of the photos will be either wrapped or naked. Try to stay away from outfits with writing on them, as it is usually hard to read in photos. Bring any favorite wraps, hats, headbands, etc.

- Wear a simple, solid colored shirt for the shoot. Make sure your nails are clean and trimmed! Take a few minutes to comb your hair :) because we like parents to be part of the photos. Sometime just to hold the baby, and few portraits will be taken too.

- If you have a favorite stuffed animal, consider bringing it. We can use it in subsequent shoots to show how fast your little one is growing!

- Handmade blankets, heirlooms or items with sentimental value are always a nice touch. Bring a special item if you have one.

- Feel free to bring a few props and we will help you select the ones that will work best. When choosing, we want to make sure your little one is still the center of attention!

- Be prepared for a feeding or two - bring whatever you’ll need for these feedings.

- We know it can be a challenge to get out the door with a newborn, but once you’ve arrived, we’ll take it from there!